Re-System Singapore Marketing

Re-System Singapore Marketing
Re-System Singapore Marketing

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A new waterproofing breakthrough technology and material is rousing significant worldwide industry interest with impressive and convincing results. This technology brings to the industry, a new hybrid material and application system featuring an innovative approach to repair from the positive side instead of the traditional negative approach. Waterproofing repairs from the positive side to buried and below ground structures have eluded engineers and waterproofing professionals till now.

This technology is developed by the Re-Systems Group, Korea, in conjunction with the Seoul National University of Technology and is patented and accredited by the Ministry of Construction and Transportation, Korea. It has been used in numerous prestigious projects in the country of origin including the Incheon International Airport, the cable tunnel of KT Corporation, Seoul Station building, Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, Korea National Housing Corporation, thermoelectric power stations, mountain tunnel and the Subway project. It has also won support and application in the Middle East, Singapore, Taiwan and the USA.

The Re-New Waterproofing System
  • Turbo-Seal Injection Waterproofing System
  • Poly-AS Waterproofing System
  • Exposed Poly-AS Combined Waterproofing System
  • Expansion Joint Waterproofing System
The Re-Form Repair, Reinforcing, Waterproofing and Remodeling Materials and Systems
  • Underwater Repair Materials
  • Functional Waterproofing Materials
  • Leakage Repair & Waterproofing Materials
  • Revolutionary first positive approach repair system
  • Fast 每 No disruption from removal of protective material or backfill
  • Instant conformability 每 the advanced bond technology watertight gel seals instantly and is designed for repair as well as new application
  • Renewed 每 a new waterproofing layer is re-formed over defective material 每 compatible with all waterproofing materials and substrates
  • Enduring 每 single elastomeric gel remains flexible, resilient, constant and stable in all environment
  • User-friendly 每 odorless and useable in small and enclosed environment
  • Patented, tested, proven and growing

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